Data Analytics

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Key social and economic indicators based on Majenka's data analytics.

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View the available data analysed on this site along with sources.

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Modelling of economies using the credit theory of money.


Data Driven Documents (DDD)

  • Data analysis and visualisation.
  • Communicating patterns and trends in data through data driven documents
  • Understanding and revealing insights using maps and graphs
  • Identifying factors that affect the behavior of systems
  • Presenting information in ways that can be easily understood

View the links below to see examples of data driven documents for visualising complex data and ideas.

Splitting Zeros

Data driven document on money creation

A comprehensive yet easy-to-follow article explaining the credit theory of money and how money is created in the modern banking system.


Data driven documents for big data search

Search across thousands of publicly available datasets. Use for fact-checking or quickly downloading data for your own spreadsheets, presentations and websites.